Slowing Economy = Candidate Opportunity

So the nation’s economy is in a slump. Should employers be expanding their workforces or chopping them down?
In a recession, unemployment rises. Though we may not be in an official recession yet, the unemployment figures are on the rise. Competition for good jobs will also go up! This makes it all the more imperative for the smart job seeker to network more, to meet face-to-face with recruiters, hiring managers and senior management; and even more important to be prepared to sell yourself in a moment’s notice.
Regardless of the kind of work you seek, opportunities to sell yourself can come up anywhere, at any time, and being able to confidently state who you are, what you do, and how you can solve an employer’s problems is paramount! Rehearse your “elevator speech” (30 concise seconds that describe what you do), so you are completely comfortable telling others about your experience solving problems and providing results. Keep a clean copy of your resume/cv with you at all times, maybe even have some business cards printed up that describe your most important business qualities. When first meeting a new contact, you may not always get the chance to talk at length about what you offer, so be ready to suggest getting together at a more opportune time to ask questions and learn what your new contact is looking for.
“Be Prepared” may be an old Boy Scout motto, but they remain relevant watch-words for job seekers too.