Downsizing = Outplacement: What will your company do?


You can’t watch/read/listen to the news these days without noticing the large number of layoffs being generated by both large and small employers.  As an employee, “You never know when someone will tap you on the shoulder and say, ‘bring your play book’”, according to a VP at a major bank.  Layoffs are affecting all levels in all fields.
The smart employee will keep her resume updated and ready for circulation. And if you’re intuitive enough to see the writing on the wall, suspecting layoffs are coming, you start sending out your materials before the axe falls.
But what will the smart employer do knowing that good people will soon be let go?  Let the loyal minions fend for themselves, or provide some outplacement services?
The good will and sensitivity shown by a smart employer will go a long way to ensuring that soon-to-be ex-employees remain respectful and positive about their experiences with that company.  When an employer makes the extra effort to provide outplacement counseling, arranging resume clinics, networking opportunities and introductions to other employers, staff being let go will recall their tenure in a positive light.
Sure, no one wants to downsized, laid off, or whatever you want to call it!  It stinks! Even if employees see it coming, a layoff creates bad feelings! But when an employer throws that kind of news on a large number of people without providing some level of assistance to those being let go, it fosters avoidable negativity.  Positive feelings multiply quickly; negative feelings multiply much faster.
So, if you’re an employer and need to let good folks go because things have gotten tight, create new opportunities for those who have worked hard for you.  Contact your local employment development office, recruiters, and hiring managers at other companies, and show a little professional compassion in a difficult situation.  The good will will go a long way!