About Us

As a Communications Facilitator with over 25 years experience, Hank London has shared his knowledge by providing solutions to businesses, non-profits and individuals. Known for providing thorough in-depth services through his workshops and individual coaching, Mr. London has helped thousands fine-tune their business and personal message.

A firm believer that clear, concise communication is the key to success in both our work and personal lives, Hank London consistently presents information based on solid, proven concepts and delivers them in a pleasant and lively atmosphere conducive to optimal retention.

“Clear, concise business communication begins with an understanding of your own objective. Clearly define the message you want to deliver to your audience! What do you want others to know? Clarity is paramount!”

Hank is able to identify the key principles and actions required of job candidates to achieve success in their careers. Observing that most successful job candidates (in a wide variety of fields) shared common practices has led Hank to develop systems and action patterns, presented through workshops and trainings, that any job seeker can use. These same techniques are revealed to employers to assist them in selecting the most qualified candidates for their openings.

Hank always encourages acceptance of some basic – but frequently forgotten – concepts:

“Job search – regardless of the industry in which you’d like to work – is all about one thing and one thing only: How do your skills and experience meet the needs of the employer?”

To answer that question, you must also be clear in your answers to these questions: 

     – Have you learned all you can about your chosen profession and position?

     – Are you deeply passionate about your professional goals and desires?

     – Are you ready to ask for what you want and go after it?

     – Can you clearly, concisely, confidently and convincingly convey your ideas and interests to reflect the employer’s needs?

     – Are you networking and nurturing relationships with same-industry and other professionals with whom you can build trust, access advice and information, and develop familiarity?

Hank continues to answer these and other questions for individuals and businesses that strive to better define their personal and business goals, their corporate and individual communications and their personal presentations.

Specializing in Career Development and Communication Strategies, Hank’s thoroughly researched content and well-crafted exercises help participants – individuals and groups – achieve effective results, that make the tasks of learning more palatable, enjoyable, and even fun! Hank has also employed his diverse array of resources to assist people from a wide array of backgrounds, including people with disabilities to successfully overcome barriers to competitive employment.

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