During my job search I turned to Hank London for not only career advice but also technical reformatting of my cover letter and resume. I could not have achieved the level of success I did in my job search if it were not for his fine tuning of my application documents nor his integral coaching of my interview and negotiating skills. I recommend anyone embarking on a new position or career to turn to Hank for his years of experience that will help you take the next step.

Graig A, Brooklyn, NY



       Hank’s work with clients at Raphael House has greatly contributed to our program’s success. Hank has provided professional mock interview services that have given clients a realistic experience to interviewing. Not only has Hank conducted interviews with professionalism and dedication, he has also provided valuable feedback to assist clients with their confidence and skills development. These important skills include reviewing presentation, language, and how to address employment barriers. Raphael House was able to surpass its workforce placement goals for 2010-2011, and Hank’s services certainly contributed to this success.

Anna Hurtado, Director of AfterCare Services,  Raphael House of San Francisco Inc.



       Hank is one of those rare individuals fortunate enough to establish himself in a field that utilizes all his strengths and fulfill his passion. His resourcefulness, ability to multitask efficiently, and passion for helping others are just a handful of his many assets. Over the years he has helped countless individuals learn or refine their abilities to make themselves more marketable in today’s competitive world. 

       As an instructor, he utilized multimodal teaching techniques to reach every type of learner in his classes. Using his gift for teaching and mentoring, he made the course material entertaining and interesting, encouraging his clients to learn more. His personality also made his clients feel comfortable in the class; rather than being ‘talked to’, they were all encouraged to participate in the class discussions and learn from each other as well.

       It was a great pleasure to work with Hank, and to watch him do what he does best — improving the lives of others. Anybody fortunate enough to have worked with Hank or receive his services can attest to everything I described above.

Talesa P K, Fremont, CA

       Hank inspires his students and clients to put their best image forward through consistent positive energy. Hank helped each person look beyond his/her (limitations) and build self confidence through promotion of skills and interests. Overall Hank is a charismatic leader in his field.

Maureen H, Los Angeles, CA

       I used Hank’s career counseling services. I found him to be motivated, positive, and with a wide database of contacts. He has a good global knowledge of the jobs market and stays up to date with which sectors will be hot, which are in decline etc. Up to the minute information on where the job fairs are etc. I attended a job fair at his suggestion, made a contact there which led to an interview for my current position.

Aine C, San Francisco, CA

       Hank helped me through my transition when I had to leave the apparel industry where I had been in sales for over 20 years, to sales in consumer electronics. He studiously refocused my core experience to show its continued relevance, which helped me secure new business and more diversified lines. Hank really knows his stuff!

Larry S, Sharon, MA

       Hank’s contributions to the success of our clients are immeasurable. He is able to instill a lot of confidence along with the techniques and information he provides. Highly recommended!

Gina C, San Francisco, CA

       As an older worker, I wasn’t confident about my chances of successfully changing careers, but Hank showed me how much of my previous experience, personal and professional, remained relevant and transferable. Thanks, Hank!

Patricia L, New York, NY

       Mr. London’s workshops were among the best I ever attended. I learned new ways of talking about myself and my skills in a concise and accurate fashion. His techniques will serve me well in my work and personal life!

Jan ML, San Francisco, CA



       I first used Mr. Hank London’s vocational consultation services back in 2005 when I began a major career move. With his help, I was able to set my career goals in a proper perspective, prepare methodically all of the necessary steps and tools needed to begin a career transition and proceed with confidence and vigor. His assistance helped me enormously to reach my goals.

       I highly recommend Mr. London to any individual seeking vocational consultation in order to reach that next career level. And, I encourage any company seeking to find the right person for their staffing needs to utilize Mr. London’s services. Both parties will benefit greatly.

Robert ML in San Francisco, CA



       Hank helped me organize my lengthy work history into something manageable so I could better structure my strengths to present to prospective employers.

 Joyce G in Pacifica, CA