Coping With Job Loss

Strategies are offered for successfully navigating your job search and life after a layoff, or other unexpected job loss. Participants are encouraged to discuss their own experiences and frustrations. Discussion in this group setting will help job seekers recognize they are not alone, and that their experiences may not be unique.

Even in a good economy, job search is struggle, and often a painful and frustrating endeavor. These workshops help job seekers learn that all too frequently the decisions made by employers to hire another candidate are not personal, even though the rejection can be painful and seem directed at them.

Other areas of focus include:

     Psychological effects of job loss, and ways to cope with the emotional and personal impact

     Ideas on how to move forward and start fresh

     Identifying resources in your own community to heal from the pain of job loss

     Habits that have to be changed

     Recognizing that you can learn new methods of searching for work or changing careers

     Learning about old methodologies that still work, and those that no longer apply

Average duration is approximately 2 hours, depending on group size.