Career Development

Individualized programs are generated to assist job seekers in choosing or deciding on specific job goals and career paths.

Using a variety of interest and skills assessments, and exercises, participants identify potential paths suited to their interests, core strengths, personalities and vocational ideals.

Assessments are conducted individually and privately

Lengthy interviews help determine appropriate and relevant courses of action and specific tests needed

Existing skills are weighted against career choices to determine if additional training is needed

Additional referrals for training or other services are made as necessary

Typically through the course of multiple meetings, strengths and interests begin to emerge that will suggest an appropriate career path, aiding the individual in the decision-making process. Whether an individual is considering continuing on the same path hoping to advance their career, or thinking about how to apply their skills, knowledge and experience to entirely new endeavors, this objective process can build and support a job seeker’s confidence, helping them to know they are making a decision that is right for them and their future.