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Conventional wisdom suggests that the best and the brightest will have the opportunity to work wherever they want. Good for them! Unfortunately, not all workers will have those same options. The reality for many workers is that they need to find positions that are within relatively easy commute distances to where they are employed. Even with the increase to the number of people who work remotely because of Covid, it is still important for many to live and work in close proximity to each other, particularly in our efforts to achieve a proper work-life balance. But how do you make that determination of Where to work?

Well, let’s break things down a little, and think about it like this: There are those for whom a job is just a means to a paycheck; they need to work, and the kind of work is less important than having a regular income. Then there are those who are career minded and want/need to work in a particular field because they are dedicated to it, have extensive training for it and can’t see themselves doing anything else. In either case, if they are not telecommuting, the location of their work is relatively important.

But location isn’t the only important criteria. The quality of the ... (read more

Every few weeks we pose a question you might get asked during an interview and a suggestion on how you might formulate your answer. 

This week’s question:

How do you know when you've done a good job?


When hearing this question, your first inclination is to respond, “I always do a good job!” But stop and think for a moment before you blurt that out. The way you respond to this question can reveal something about your ego, your satisfaction with your job and the work you’re doing. Before answering, ask yourself, are your projects completed on time and under budget? Is your work accurate? Can you clearly explain to others what you’ve accomplished, how something works, or why the project needed to be done in a particular way? Have you received any acknowledgement for the work you’ve done, either through promotion, salary incentives, awards, etc.? In reality, most employers don’t care as much about workers emotional and mental health as they probably should, or as much as their employees might like. It is just as likely to get no feedback at all as it is to receive a resounding “way to go!” from management for a completed project; after all, that’s what they hired you to do! So, in answering, it behooves an applicant to touch upon the criteria that conveys to the employer that you KNOW you’ve done a good job. Whether you are personally feeling good about the completion of a job or project or not, you’ll hopefully generate a positive critical response from team members and leaders, acceptance of the work by supervisors, and recognition of your work’s ease of use in testing, appropriate functionality, etc. It’s ok to toot your own horn a little bit here, be assertive and express confidence about your work and accomplishments. But be wary not to go over the top or aggrandize your accomplishments, as being too aggressive in your “horn tooting” will be a turn off to most employers.


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