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It’s finally happened: I think I’ve O’D” on consumer technology! Me, a devout technology/media nerd, may have hit critical mass when it comes to tech! While never having an extreme urge to be an early adapter of any technology, I try to keep abreast of and understand (sometimes in a broad sense!) how things work, been unintimidated to operate them when I get my hands on them, enjoy discovering what they do, and who will benefit from having and using the tech. But I also try to be aware of the sociological and cultural impact of these technologies! Who uses them and why? And, how deeply do these things infiltrate the marketplace and consciousness of their intended audience and the general public?


Like many people, there are technologies for which I may have no personal use, and some I choose to ignore; even things that could possibly even benefit me in some way. But, being a utilitarian, if there’s no ongoing benefit of use in the ownership of a piece of technology, then why should I deal with it? Just because something is “cool”, “new” or “different” doesn’t mean there will be personal benefits to the purchaser! Unless you are of unlimited financial means, owning the latest & greatest shiny object of desire isn’t always necessary. For example, if texting hadn’t grown to be so  … (read more: https://hanklondon.com/teched-out/ )

Tough Interview Questions and Answers

Every few weeks or so we pose a question you might get asked during an interview and a suggestion on how you might formulate your answer. 


This week’s question:

How have your past positions prepared you for this one?


Your response to this question could provide your interviewer with two perspectives: One, about your abilities, and the other, about your personality. The answer you provide should be balanced, providing an honest assessment of the skills you used on your previous job(s) and their perceived use with this potential employer, and – equally important – the attitude and confidence you convey while talking about yourself.

Certainly, most employers expect a little embellishment from applicants when it comes to touting their skills and abilities. In answering this question, the goal is to provide a clear picture of the relevance of your past experience to the job being applied for without sounding like an egomaniac.

Use PAR (Problem, Action, Result) statements to describe past situations that relate to the new job and the functions you are expected to perform. What is it about your experience, training, management style, leadership skills, industry knowledge and trend foresight that have prepared you for this new position? The examples you provide don’t have to be exact matches, but must still be close enough to convey the relevance between what you’ve done before and what you hope to be doing next.

Hyperbole by itself – telling your interviewer how great you are, how strong your skills are, how much experience you have – won’t convince an employer that your past makes you a good fit. But clearly explaining the applicability of your skills and experience in relationship to what that the employer needs done now could be the best way to convince them that your past has indeed prepared you for this job.


Good luck!



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