Here are just a few of the services we offer and programs that can be delivered to your business or your organization or individuals. Materials and content will be customized to suit your specific needs. When you’re ready to discuss your requirements, please email your questions or concerns, and your inquiry will receive a prompt response.

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Interviewing and Personal Presentation Strategies

Average 3.5 – 4.5 hours depending on group size

Interviewing and networking processes are broken down to the nuts and bolts information needed by job seekers, contract workers, freelancers, sales, promotion, marketing and management professionals, entrepreneurs and others seeking to improve their interpersonal communication skills and shameless self promotion.

Discussions include:

      Networking ice-breakers and informal networking introductions

      Formal interviewing introductions, and concise opening statements

      Creating and using effective accomplishment statements

Participants practice their career, business and social networking methods in a supportive, congenial environment. Video recording and playback can be arranged to provide visual feedback to demonstrate how others perceive participants’ sincerity, clarity, body language, goal stating, attitude, grooming, and other relevant qualities.

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Career Development

Individualized programs to assist job seekers in choosing or deciding on specific job goals and career paths.

Using a variety of interest and skills assessments and exercises, participants identify potential paths suited to their core strengths, personalities and vocational ideals.

      Assessments are conducted individually and privately

      Lengthy interviews help determine courses of actions and specific tests needed

      Existing skills are weighted against career choices to determine if additional training is needed

      Additional referrals for training or other services made as necessary

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Video Interviewing

Approx. One hour interview session per client or 2.5-3 hour group presentation.

For those needing assistance preparing for job interviews or those about to make a major business presentation.

      Practice interview sessions designed to emphasize presentation strengths

      Feedback and assessment provided during playback

      Supportive and safe environment to see how others see you

Interview performance is assessed on the basis of:

      The interviewee’s appearance, composure, posture, eye contact, ability to answer difficult questions, and other attributes.

      Each interviewee receives a list of nearly 200 difficult interview questions and suggested ways to create effective responses.

Feedback is provided in a supportive atmosphere.

Interviewees are given specific guidance in the preparation of their own questions, mode of attire, management of stress, and making a clear presentation.

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Cover Letter & Resumes Writing Workshop

Creating documents that work!

Cover Letter and Resume Writing programs can be provided individually and in groups.

Typically, a minimum of 2 hours are spent on developing an effective resume, and another 2 hours spent generating supporting cover letters.

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Coping With Job Loss

Average length: Approx. 2 hours, depending on group size.

Strategies for successfully navigating after a layoff, or other unexpected job loss. Areas of focus include:

      Psychological effects of job loss, and ways to cope with the emotional and personal impact

      Ideas on how to move forward and start fresh.

      Habits that have to be changed.

Participants will be encouraged to participate and discuss their own experiences and frustrations

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Planning for Layoffs and Outplacement

Average length of 90 minutes to 2 hours depending on group size

Targeted to employers and those they must downsize, this presentation offers resources and training for the employer, training for those being let go, and ways for the employer to keep morale within the organization for those staying. Topics include:

      Importance of employer-arranged referrals, references, job placement and (re)training

      Job search refresher information for those on the job a long time

      How to help those facing job loss cope with major life and work changes.

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Returning to the Work Force

Average length of 90 minutes to 2 hours depending on group size

With more and more older workers returning to work, this program is targeted for audiences who have been out of the work force for many years, those returning to work after raising families, illness, or disability, and older workers. Topics covered include:

      Psychological effects of job search

      Specialized resources those returning to work after many years

      Importance of identifying skills, strengths and goals

      Where to get needed training

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Other Presentations & Topics available include:

Goal Setting: Finding the inner strength and focus to pursue goals, tackle tasks, make changes; breaking down goals into smaller objectives, identifying desired results and finding paths to completion.

Intro Power: The importance of clear, concise introductions in networking and job search, featuring demonstrations with participants.

Interviewing and Being Interviewed: Preparing to be the asker or the asked, preparation and understanding the objective of the interview.

Self Promotion and Personal Marketing: Getting the word out in the course of your day-to-day activities.

Surviving Rejection: Don’t Take It Personally! Methods for combating feelings of failure after rejection; understanding that being turned down for a job doesn’t mean you are inferior in any way, and picking up the pieces and starting again after your best efforts don’t succeed.

Recognizing Obstacles: Discovering and surpassing the things that keep us from attaining our goals.

Trend Spotting – The Beat of The Street: Knowing what’s going on in the marketplace requires new thinking and continual observation out in the field for taking advantage of new technologies and getting the word out.

Marketing from Outside the Ivory Tower: Numbers alone don’t reveal where the markets and customers are; you’ve got to hit the streets.

Credit Where Credit Is Due: The importance of internal acknowledgement by supervisors and management, displaying an attitude of gratitude

Entrepreneurial Development: Things to consider before starting a business for the first time, questions to ask yourself, your family, and business associates

For all topics, emphasis is always given to:

      Goal setting and attainment

      Finding & using the most appropriate resources

      Oral and Written communication that emphasize your strengths

Workshops and presentations can be developed and customized to meet the particular requirements of your organization.

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