Planning For Layoffs & Outplacement

Targeted to employers, this presentation offers resources and training for the employer and ways for the employer to keep morale within their organization for those staying. Topics include:

      Importance of employer-arranged referrals, references, job placement and (re)training

      Job search refresher information for those on the job a long time

      How to help those facing job loss cope with major life and work changes, including loss of benefits like healthcare.

Employer Sponsored Job Search Workshops for Those Being Laid Off

Average length of 3 hours per session (depending on group size)

Targeted at those facing job loss from layoffs and staff downsizing

Multiple sessions available to cover any or all of the following:

      The Emotional and Psychological Effects of Job Loss

      Resume and Cover Letter Preparation

      Interview Skills and Coaching


      Skills Identification

      Fine Tuning Soft Skills

      Strategizing and Making a Job Search Plan of Action

Average duration is 90 minutes to 2 hours depending on group size