FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions

For Job Seekers:

Q: Why should I hire you?

A: To get the personalized attention your career goals and advancement deserve.


Q: Can I get the same services from my local employment development/unemployment office for free?

A: No. While these are often excellent resources, they do not have the time or personnel to give you the personalized attention, service, problem solving and follow-up your individual career growth warrants.


Q: Are you going to charge me thousands of dollars?

A: No. But if you want to spend that kind of money, there are many unscrupulous career counseling companies that will be happy to take your money, and you’ll still do all the work yourself. We work with you to help you achieve your end goals, a rewarding, career-oriented job.


Q: How will you help me?

A: That depends on your individual needs. We’ll work together to customize a package of services that satisfy your personal needs. What do you need? Resumes, cover letters, interviewing practice and assessment, internship advice, networking advice, vocational evaluation, career promotion and advancement strategies, sales or other presentation preparation, we got you covered!


Q: Will you get me a job?

A: No, we are not a placement service. But we will help you target appropriate industries and companies to increase your options and better your chances of landing the position you want.


Q: Will you recommend me for a position or a promotion?

A: Maybe. That depends on how well we get to know you and your skills.


Q: Is geographic location a consideration? Do we have to meet in person, or can you help via email and video conferencing?

A: Although meeting in person is best, most services can be provided via online chat, video conferencing and email.

For Employers

Q: Why should we contract with you?

A: To provide solutions in the areas of team building, communication strategies, refining sales presentations, staff motivation, and outplacement solutions.


Q: How will you motivate our team?

A: By developing a plan based on your team’s core strengths that foster better communication, understanding and internal morale.


Q: Do we need to be letting go a certain number of people in order for you to help us with outplacement?

A: We are able to provide services to employers regardless of how many people they must release.


Q: What makes your services different from others providing outplacement?

A: We see both sides of the coin. You need to maintain productivity and morale among the employees who remain. You must reduce spending, and you must release people in the least distracting, most supportive way. Any company can give out pink slips, but the employer who shows respect and understanding for those being let go builds good will for those being separated and among remaining staff.


Q: Our staff is large with disparate departments. How will you build teams and camaraderie between them?

A: We start by helping all recognize the common goals and aspirations between disparate teams, try to uncover and explore any incorrect assumptions, and look for unifying goals that create understanding and stronger bonds.


Q: Do we need to have any special equipment available for your presentations?

A: We can go lo-tech or hi-tech, depending on the kind of presentation you want. If flip charts, white boards and markers will do the trick, that’s fine with us. If we incorporating participant exercises that require visual feedback and you have a video projection system, then we won’t need to bring one in. Group size will also be a determining factor; usually 15 or more participants necessitate projection of some kind. Some of our programs are best presented using live video capture and playback for demonstration purposes, and we can supplement or supply the needed equipment. Please discuss your specific needs with us.