You’ve Graduated – Congratulations!! Now What?

If you’re one of the lucky few that found an internship in your field of choice, further congratulations are in order.  Play your cards right, and that internship could lead to a decent position and your career is on track.
But not everyone knows what they want to do after they get their diploma.  There are so very many graduates who don’t pursue careers based on their major or their degree, and too often their degree doesn’t translate to a specific career path.  A declared a major doesn’t guarantee there will be a position in the area of your education.
So, if you’re not one of those lucky few who found an internship in your field of choice, you are most likely embarking on a major job search.  Your effectiveness in landing a decent job is directly proportionate to your efforts, particularly your networking.

  • Are you getting out and meeting decision makers?
  • Are you going to Chamber of Commerce events?
  • Are you attending trade shows or hiring events?
  • Do you go to industry specific mixers?
  • Have you arranged any informational interviews?
  • Do you contact the movers and shakers of local enterprise mentioned in the business section of local newspapers?
  • Are you actively researching the companies where you think you’d like to work?
  • Are you getting to know anyone who works at any of these companies?
  • Could you be volunteering somewhere to gain exposure to industries or job functions that arouse your interest?

If you’re still not sure what you want to do, that’s ok.  But you do need to start somewhere and you do need to make a sincere and concerted effort to find what works for you, so pick a direction and follow through.  Whether you know what you want to do or not, these are some of the best ways to get started.   I’m rooting for you!