The Coast Is Clear

Happy New Year!
The phrase “The Coast Is Clear” was frequently used to advise seamen that the fog had lifted and the shore could be seen from out at sea, or that the oceans and shipping lanes were clear for smooth venturing onto open water.  Metaphorically, and on dry land, it also implies that it is OK to proceed, to move forward.  A great thought for starting the New Year!  And as you can see by the attached photo, today (New Years Day), the coast is indeed clear.

New Years Day 2013 on the California Coast

The Coast Is Clear.  The future is bright and clear ahead and there should be nothing stopping you from moving forward and proceeding.  Job Search, career advancement, life, relationships, personal projects – whatever!
It is time to clear the intangible obstacles – the ones you can’t touch – the emotional ones, the imagined ones; all that has kept you from making your way.  If necessary, talk with friends, family or seek professional help in getting past these blockages.  Clear that internal path.
And the coast is also clear to move past the tangible and real challenges and obstacles that have held you back in the past, whatever they are. Recognize them and move them out of your way, go around them, mow them over, start fresh.  Do whatever it takes to clear the way!  It may take time and a lot of energy, but those obstacles won’t remove themselves unless you make the effort and take the time.  Then, and only then will you know that it Is safe to proceed.
Yes, friends, the Coast Is Clear.  Venture forth into this New Year with renewed vigor and hope, with direction and purpose, with strength and fortitude.  And may nothing get in your way from achieving your goals, finding secure and safe harbor every time you venture forth.
Wishing you all the best in 2013!!  May your coast always be clear!
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