Top Ten Things NOT To Do In Your Job Search In 2014

It’s hard to believe that the year 2013 is over.  It went by quickly and hopefully productively for you.  If not, like many, you are still looking for that right employment situation that matches all your needs.  Well, hopefully with this list, you’ll remind yourself of a few things not to do, and move forward to an employed new year.
Here now is my list of the Top Ten Things NOT To Do In Your Job Search In 2014.
10.  Send out/post cover letters, resumes, professional profiles without proof reading them first, and double checking them for accuracy.
9.  Ignore the need to practice and get comfortable telling others about your strengths, experience and goals.
8.  Send out old or out-of-date documents that do not reflect your most recent experiences and newest skills.
7.  Staunchly avoid attending networking opportunities in favor of sitting around and waiting for the phone to ring.
6.  Forget to notify your old contacts that you are still using them as references, and not give them any idea of what you need them to say if they get a call requesting information about you.
5.  Do no research on the companies where you want to work or their executives believing the less you know up front, the less jaded you’ll appear during your interviews.
4.  Send out hundreds of resumes and inquiries scattershot to companies you know nothing about instead of targeting specific companies and individuals.
3.  Drop in unannounced at companies requesting on-the-spot interviews.
2.  Speak rudely to employers, their gate-keepers and their staff, or leave rude messages for hiring managers saying they are crazy if they overlook your qualifications and industry knowledge and not hire you.
And the number 1 thing you resolve NOT to do in your job search for 2014 is:
Resolve to NOT give up, and to keep plugging away, networking, targeting appropriate employers and always demonstrating your best commitment to getting hired.
Here’s hoping you enjoyed your Holidays, and I wish you a Very Happy, Healthy, Safe, Employed and Prosperous New Year!
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