How Will The Election Impact You?

With about a month to go at the time of this post until the 2008 Presidential Election, let me start by encouraging you vote on Election Day (Tuesday, November 4(! It is so very important for all of voting age to exercise their rights! And there is none more important than participating in the selection of our elected officials.
Who should you vote for? That is Your decision to make, not mine!  I’m not here to try to influence your vote, but to make you think about the impact your vote for your candidates of choice will have on things that matter to you.
Will your candidate:

  • Support the creation of jobs?
  • Support innovations for technology and science?
  • Support small business and the maintenance of the Small Business Administration?
  • Support tax incentives for individuals and small business?
  • Support funding for AIDS and Cancer research?
  • Support Education initiatives and Library funding?
  • Support upgrade to our nation’s infrastructure?

How does your candidate feel about:

  • Social Security?
  • Health Care Reform?
  • The Environment?
  • Livable Wages?
  • Immigration Policies?
  • Importing of goods and the exporting of jobs?
  • Copyright and Intellectual Property protections?

What will your candidate of choice do about:

  • US Troops fighting in Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan (or anyplace else)?
  • The Financial Crisis?
  • How the rest of the world sees the US?

The candidates for President don’t’ seem to agree on too much.  Their political advertisements are focused more on discrediting their opponents than on how they will address the issues.  This doesn’t make choosing a candidate any easier, and for many voters, these smear tactics probably turn them off to the entire electoral process.
But you can be certain that when the final results are tallied there will be an impact on financial markets, which will trickle down to jobs or the lack thereof.  If our economy doesn’t rebound, more employers will be forced to lay off workers.  The banking and securities mess has already cost thousands of jobs, and the fallout isn’t over yet.  More people will be out of work, and more will lose their homes and their savings.
Regardless of who gets elected, new jobs will have to come from innovative business, both technological and strategic, and most new jobs will be from within the small business community.   Smart employers  – from large and small businesses – will have to find new solutions to old problems, especially in recruiting, job position definition and execution.  And job seekers of all stripes will have to adapt to new ways of working, including new environments, business models, and their own performance and analysis.
No mere wave of the pen from congress, nor the election itself, will solve the current situation.  But the importance of your vote in this election can not be underestimated!!
So please don’t forget to Vote on November 4th.
We truly hope that the persons elected will help push us in the right direction.
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Thank you!