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Presentation Strategies

Interviewing and Personal Presentation Strategies

Average 3.5 - 4.5 hours depending on group size

Interviewing and networking processes are broken down to the nuts and bolts information needed by job seekers, contract workers, freelancers, sales, promotion, marketing and management professionals, entrepreneurs and others seeking to improve their interpersonal communication skills and shameless self promotion.

Discussions include:

     Networking ice-breakers and informal networking introductions

     Formal interviewing introductions, and concise opening statements

     Creating and using effective accomplishment statements


Participants practice their career, business and social networking methods in a supportive, congenial environment. Video recording and playback can be arranged to provide visual feedback to demonstrate how others perceive participants' sincerity, clarity, body language, goal stating, attitude, grooming, and other relevant qualities.

It is imperative that job seekers - recent graduates and professionals with long work histories - hone their interview and networking skills to increase their chances of landing an appropriate position. You need to master your communication skills to enhance the employer's perception of you and talents you bring to the table.

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