Services: Video Interviewing

Video Interviewing

Approx. One hour (or longer) interview session per client or 2.5-3 hour group presentation.

For those needing assistance preparing for job interviews or those about to make a major business presentation. If you haven't interviewed for a job in while, or delivered a public presentation, brushing up on your public speaking skills, and your ability to handle tough questions could mean the difference between getting passed over or getting hired, seen as ineffectual or believable. One of these sessions may provide insights into the way an interviewer or audience sees you.

      Practice interview sessions are designed to emphasize and highlight an interviewee's experience and personal presentation strengths

      Feedback and assessment are provided during a detailed playback session

      Sessions are conducted in a supportive and safe environment to see how others see you

Interview performance is assessed on the basis of:

      The interviewee's appearance, composure, posture, eye contact, ability to answer difficult questions, and other attributes.

      Each interviewee receives a list of nearly 200 difficult interview questions and suggested ways to create effective responses.

      Feedback is provided in an encouraging and thoughtful atmosphere.

Interviewees are also given guidance into the preparation of their own questions, mode of attire, management of stress, and making a clear presentation.

One-on-one sessions are typically conducted in-person, or via Skype or other online collaboration tools if requested. Group presentations will be delivered at your location.

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