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May 31 2010

Keeping Up The Good Fight

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There’s no question that job search is a tough job!  This is particularly so in a slow economy like the one we’re experiencing now.  Regardless of where you are in your career or how much experience you have, with competition for every opening being so rough, it is imperative that job seekers do everything they [...]

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Apr 19 2010

Onward And Upward!

Despite the recent slight uptick in job growth, the graduating class of 2010 will face the toughest job search challenge of the past 20 years, maybe longer.  Sadly, it will be harder for most new graduates to find work related to their degrees than in recent memory.  While so many earlier generations were promised unlimited [...]

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Jul 13 2008

You’re Facing a Layoff: What Are You Waiting For?

Got a call recently from a former associate who told me he was being laid off at the end of the month. At the time of his call, he had 2 weeks remaining on the job, and he was just starting to reach out to his network. Because he works for a nonprofit organization, [...]

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