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Jan 28 2013

Culture Or Capability?

Recently, I read an article from Bloomberg Business Week about how many employers believe it to be more important for prospective hires to have a strong cultural match with a company’s existing staff, than it is for applicants to just have strong skills.  Really?  I guess I didn’t get the memo on this edict.  When [...]

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Jan 14 2013

In Pursuit Of Happiness

One of the things I think some people take for granted is the freedom with which we can make change to our work lives in this country. If you’re not happy on the job, feel you could be making more money, or have more control over the work, you are free to leave your job [...]

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Jan 02 2013

The Coast Is Clear

Published byHank under Job Search Preparation

Happy New Year!
The phrase “The Coast Is Clear” was frequently used to advise seamen that the fog had lifted and the shore could be seen from out at sea, or that the oceans and shipping lanes were clear for smooth venturing onto open water.  Metaphorically, and on dry land, it also implies that it is [...]

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