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Tough Interview Questions and Answers

Every other week we pose a question you might get asked during an interview and a suggestion on how you might formulate your answer. 

This week's question:

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Once upon a time this question was asked at almost every interview. Employers fully expected their employees to stick around for a few years and work their way up the corporate ladder. But times have changed and in many industries the norm has become a shorter rather than a longer tenure of employment. However, many employers still like to ask this question because it helps them gage whether their investment in their hires will pay off. Employers know that in some cases it takes years for some employees to develop their skills and talents to reach their full potential and productivity. There are still many employers who expect their hires to stick around for a while, particularly in the financial services sector where the relationships that employees build up with their clients are expected/required to be long term. Success in areas such as corporate and investment banking, venture capital, financial planning, portfolio management, and many other management positions, is built on the development and maintenance of trust and respect that exists in long-term business relationships. Employers know that their customers/clients feel most comfortable with the people with whom they have an established rapport, and this doesn’t occur when there is job hopping. So if you are asked, “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”, be comfortable addressing your desire to stay with that employer for a long time. Then, tell them that you want to build/continue your career there, grow as their company grows, and you want to contribute to that growth. Address specific contributions you can make, and their benefits to that employer. If your responses are on target, the employer should recognize that you are thinking long-term! Demonstrating loyalty never goes out of style!


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